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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JO! JOB ORIENTEERING What is it?It is a European Union exchange youth program dedicated to education, trainingand sports in which can partecipate all Europeans, valid since 2014 to 2020. It is a "container " of various EU projects interested in- Increase the level of European education and encourage mobility- Achieve a European strategic cooperationbetween education and the world of work- Simplify european level educational recognition certificates- Increasing sports in Europa- Valuing the importance of the European Union . ERASMUS PLUS THREE MAIN ACTIVITIES :-MOBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS FOR LEARNINGwhich includes higher education students, trainees, young volunteers, but also teachers,school leaders and youth workers .This project allows people to apply for their education and training.- COOPERATION FOR INNOVATION AND COOPERATIONwhich includes strategic partnerships between organizations in education and training sectors,and between educational institutions, apprenticeship, and the world of work.They can comunicate through information platform- REFORM POLICYIt encloses a better understanding of European policies and educational sectors, educational andyouth sectors in the individual countries, and initiatives of the improvement in EU instruments for recognition , dissemination and exploitation of the individual education HOW TO REQUEST THE EUROPEAN FUNDING :The request of these funding for candidates can be exclusively submitted onlinefrom the ERASMUS+ website by universities, collegesor other organizations
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