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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PEOPLE EXECUTIVE LEADERS Innovation & Product Development Team INNOVATION REVIEW BOARDS INNOVATION EXPERTS If our executive leaders are the headlights in this super charged, sports car - thenour I&PD team is certainly the engine. This team does the heavy lifting in order to set allthe parts into motion. Responsible for capturing ideas both inside and outside our firm,developing products into businesses and delivering soluitions to clients, this team is highlyengaged with all parts of our business running campaigns, ideation workshops, ClientInnovation Summits and generally spreading the word on our program. If we were to compare JLL's Innovation program to a super charged, V8 sports car,then our top leadership team would be the headlights. They are a guiding force in determiningwhere we go and when we should change direction. Not only are they charged with castingour vision, roles, growth gap and screening criteria, but they are actively engaged when it comesto reviewing what's in the pipeline and what initiatives should be delivered to our clients. Our Innovation Review Boards supply the fuel that keeps this hot rod running. Responsiblefor vetting ideas and Best Practices from all over our firm, they make sure that JLL isstaying ahead of our competition not only by identifying breakthrough opportunities but alsomaking sure that the work we do every day is cutting edge. This is where the rubber meets the road. JLL's Innovation Experts are propelled forwardby our leaders, our Innovation team and our review boards in order to bring innovationto our clients.
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