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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Learning Challenges in a Retail Environment The dynamics of a modern workplace are making it difficult for Retailers to engage, develop and retain talented colleagues Leaders must look within their organizations to improveemployee engagement, unlock lost productivity and develop the skills of their existing base. If you need help in planning your Italy tours contact 90% of employees are planning on leaving their employer versus 19% five years earlier - That's xxxx across John Lewis Colleagues 32% of organizations do nothave all the skills they need to be successful. Social technologies can provide significant benefits in the area of learning and skills development and solve the growing skills crisis organizations face. 25% increase in employee productivityusing collaborative technologies. That's £xxx on 2014 salesMcKinsey study 2014 35% less time per week searching for content across sales teamsusing collaborative toolsThat's 3 hours per week extrafor colleagues to speak to customers Best-in-Class organizations are 93%more likely to have social learningas part of their formal learning strategy,94%more likely to leverage usercreated video content, and 119% more likely to utilize mobile learning solutions. Organizations can achieve up to 20-25% increase in the productivity of knowledge workers using social technologies.McKinsey LCMS LMS Social
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