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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where I am going to school Author I want to be an author because I enjoy writing stories and I feel like it would be a fun job. You also get to work on your own time because you're writing your book so no one is employing you. Why I chose it I am going to Iowa University.The reason am going there is because it is one of the top schools for authors in the nation. Degrees I will be getting a bacholars degree and a masters degreefrom the University of Iowa I will need to be a fast typer soI can type my books quickly. Iwill also need to be creative tothink of ideas for my books. Book I will have Written "Baseball Is Life" it is about a boy who is a baseball player in seventh grade. It is about him trying to decide wether to compromise himself to be cool or be who he is. Skills I will Need Type of Books I hope to write The genre of books that I wouldmost like to write is fantasy andrealistic fiction. My realistic fiction books would be about sports. My fantasy would be about a futuristic society at war. Previous Employments I have worked at Mackenthun's from 15 years old to 17 years old. Mackenthun's is a grocery store in my hometown of Waconia. After that I workedat McDonalds from 17 years old to 18years old. And from then to now I have been working at Ground Round.At all of these jobs I worked at least30 hours a week. In Conclusion The reason's you should hire me are below1. I have passion for writing.2. I have a masters degree from on of the top schools for authors3. I already have some writing experience with one book currently published4. I can type an average of 60-70 WPM this will help me type up my books faster and enable me to write more books5. I have experienced work and can work hard proven from my jobs that I have had.Overall I will love what I do and I will work hard to have success in my fieldof choice.
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