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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 5 Rocks of Upgrading JD Edwards The 5 Rocks of Upgrading JD Edwards CUSTOMIZATIONS CUSTOMIZATIONS Are your customizations now standard functionality?What customizations do you want to keep?What is the estimated effort it will take to keep your customizations?RECOMMENDATIONS: Use a multi-phase filtering process to identify and evaluate your custom objects.Use the Smartbridge SmartUpgrade Analyzer to determine the level of effort toretrofit your custom objects. INTEGRATIONS DATA Is your data routinely purged and archived?How much data could be purged or archived prior to theupgrade?RECOMMENDATIONS:On ANSI? Consider converting to Unicode to improve system performance.Having a plan to archive and purchase data before an upgrade will help you estimate your cost for new storage and your time and effort to run the data migration TESTING Have you considered using an automated testing tool?How many modules do you need to test?RECOMMENDATIONSInclude enough time in your plans to adequately test the system functionality and performance.Use a testing tool such as Oracle Automated Testing Suite (OATS).Ask your power user to conduct functional testing, which will also help familiarize them with your new system TRAINING What is the current experience level of your users?What are the subjects or curriculum needed to betaught?What are the methods for teaching?What is the schedule?RECOMMENDATIONSBreak your lessons down into business processes, technical and configuration training.Involve key users and stakeholders that were involved in the design and implementationprocess to reduce the amount of training needed. Resources: Oracle Product Features Analyzer: ©Smartbridge 2014 Resources: This infographic is derived from an article published by Smartbridge - Upgrading to JD Edwards: What does it cost? Resources: Smartbridge is a full-service business consulting and technology services company helping clients achieve exceptional results. Our spectrum of technology services includes enterprise applications, systems integration, advanced business analytics and intelligence, and mobility solutions. As a certified Oracle Platinum partner, Smartbridge professionals have extensive expertise implementing, upgrading and supporting the Oracle JD Edwards ERP product suite. Visit to learn about all our services. What does it take to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?Here are the key components said by Oracle to be the 5 Rocks to consider when evaluating the cost ofupgrading. Learn more about the 5 Rocks and gain access to the entire JD Edwards Upgrade Success Kitby Smartbridge: Oracle pre-built IntegrationsList (PIP): Resources: How does your current environment work with third-party solutions?Will you need a patch or upgrade to your 3rdparty application?Does a pre-built integration (PIP) exist that canreplace your custom integrations?Would new features be an improved means to achieve your goals?RECOMMENDATIONS:Identify, analyze, and then categorize the complexity of the integration.Consider replacing integrations with features such as JD Edwards Business Services, Real-time events or composite applicationsEliminate custom point-to-point integrations with a standardized consistent architecture User Productivity Kit Resources:
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