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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In the play, "Julius Caesar", many characters stayed true to their beliefs, while others let their thoughts and opinions become manipulated. In the play, "Julius Caesar", many characters stayed true to their beliefs, while others let their thoughts and opinions become manipulated. "He had a fever when he was in Spain,and when the fit was on him, I did markhow he did shake. 'Tis true, this god didshake!" (1.2.121-123) "I doubt not your wisdom.Let each man render me hisbloody hand." (3.1.200-201) "If then that my friend demandwhy Brutus rose against Caesar,this is my answer: not that I lovedCaesar less, but that I lovedRome more." (3.2.21-24) "You all did love him once, notwithout cause. What cause withholds you, then, to mourn for him?" (3.2.111-113) "I thrice presented him a kinglycrown, which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?" (3.2.105-106) "Caesar shall forth. The thingsthat threatened me ne'er lookedbut on my back." (2.2.10-11) Julius Caesar Brutus The Plebians "A lioness hath whelpèd in the streets,and graves have yawned and yielded up their dead.Fierce fiery warriors fought upon the clouds,in ranks and squadrons and right form of war,which drizzled blood upon the Capitol." (2.2.17-21) Calpurnia would have done anythingto have Caesar stay home instead of venture off to the Capitol. She warned Caesar of all the bad omens that have recently occurred in Rome and begged for him not to leave. Despite her concerns, Caesar was persistent on going to the Senate and didn't budge even after hearing Calpurnia's warnings. Brutus was hesitant on joining the conspiracy because he didn't have any personal hatred towards Caesar. However, Cassius was able to lure Brutus into his plan by showing clear evidence as to why Caesar wasnt as "godly" as he seems. Antony blatantly lied to Brutus in order to get what he wanted. Anthony knewBrutus would never let him speak at Caesar's funeral after having been so loyal to Caesar for so long. By flattering the conspirators and pretending to be faithful to them, Antony was able to trick their minds into allowing him a chance to speak to the public at the funeral. The people of Rome thought that the murder of Caesar was unjustifiable. But, in a matter of minutes, Brutus was able to manipulate their minds by explaining to them that his death was, in fact, beneficial for themselves and for the city of Rome, in which they valued immensely. Antony challenged Brutus' claims and made the Plebeians doubt whether Brutus and the other conspirators did what was best for Rome. At the end of his speech, Anthony was easily able to persuade the minds of the people and make rebel against the conspiracy. as a result hear Brutus' speech listen to Antony's speech makes his stance leads to converses with Cassius listens toCalpurnia in consequence aftermath outcome listens to Antony
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