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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FUNCTIONS OF JB as a Tourism Assistant CLOUDING ON A great app that enables JB, a CITY TOURISM ASSISTANT, do his functions as an INFO POINT PERSON productively COMMUNICATIONAND ARTICLES FOR PRESS RELEASES PRODUCTIVTY ITEM I OBSERVATIONS Having this app in my ipad makes me perform outstandingly at workas I can do my tasks especially now that we are having rotational brown outs in our area SIMPLE: Use of Cloudon gives me immediate facilitation/expedite of the ff: 13% 25% 14% RECEIVED OR EXTERNALMEDIA, DOCS & COMMUNICATION FROM OTHER OFFICES, AGENCIES & ORGANIZATIONS B NOW J PREPARE ACCESS The use of MSOffice in CloudON empowers me to draftmy write ups such as bulletin posts,website news articles, letters, accomplishment reports and even program flowof our events anywhere I want to via my ipad. Why it impresses JB? FACILITY OF DRAFTING AND EDITING OF PAPERWORKS ACCESS OF DOCUMENTS/PAPERWORKS 30% MANAGES INCOMING & OUTCOMING OFFICIAL EMAILS ACTS AS SECRETARIAT STAFF DURING EVENT MEETINGS HIGH EVENT COORDINATOR/ORGANIZER PREPARES PPT PRESENTATIONS OF THE OFFICE HEAD PREPARES ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORTS & PROGRAM DESIGN 15% 20% 15% 20% 10% 20% 15% PREPARATION OF SPREADSHEETS AND PPT PRESENTATIONS 30% ROLE OF THE INTERNET PREPARES COMMUNICATION,& ARTICLES FOR PRESS RELEASE FEATURES OF CLOUDON EXTREMELY HIGH FAST and RELIABLE as I can still do my tasks while on travel but the integration of box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive challenges me still CONVENIENCE/EASE OF USE HIGHLY SATISFIED Since I am the one who is managing our office email account and doing some write ups I somehow need access to the internet to use CloudOn functions PRODUCTIVITY POINTS MODERATELY SATISFIED App makes me way productive as I don't mess around anymore with the hassle of desktop pc accessibility 2004-57809 RELIABLE/ACCESSIBLE STORAGE OF FILES BA in Multimedia Studies Exploring Productivity Apps JOHN BERNARD CORONEL BUNHAYAG Below are JB's work loads which give a reason why this app is very useful
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