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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Joy Arts Institutes Concept for Design Mission: The Joy Arts Institutes exists to educate students in developing their passions and applying them for the upliftment of themselves,their communities, and their world. What It Is: JAI is a new learning environment. We cultivate humancreativity in the way an artist approaches her work; with careful study, consistent effort, & relentless passion for a vision. JAI is non-mandatory educational opportunity. Its curriculum uses no particular method. Yet, the methods we use are the most innovative found anywhere. At JAI, it is the learner that decides the pace, direction, and intensity of their study. We learn as well as teach because we believe that education is a conversation where there are no experts. The art we teach is about how to discover your true self and live a victorious life, and without joy, that victory is not complete. We teach life as art. We educate the whole human being by addressing the 7 energy centers of the body. Crown/Spirit: The foundation of all learning and intelligence andthe ground of experiencing oneness with all of life 3rd Eye/Intuition: The experience of intelligence not requiring the reasoning mind. Root: The experience of being physically grounded, safe,nurtured, poised, & healthy Sacral: The experience of the creative and active selfwhere the basic lifeforceis cultivated and channeledinto the world Throat: The experience of being connected to others and communicating one's knowledge, one's self, and one's truth Heart: The experience of knowing one's connection to others and learning how to love self and other throughpracticing compassion, center of emotional resonance Solar Plexus: The experience of personal power, ego (individual personality), and mental facultiesrequiring the reasoning mind. The best learning environment on the planet. The experience we provide gives students a place to re-member their whole Self. 7 Centers/7 Powers:
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