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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 25% Other FLORIDA IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!! 3 people that contributed to F.L development.1.Henry plant2.Henry Flagler3.John Ringling PIONEER LIFE 1.they had to work hard.2.they had to make there own clothes.3.they had to make there homes. FLORIDA'S HISTORY FLORIDA'S fruit is the orangeyum yum Incolud 5 major citys plus NPR T Tallahase. NPR Orlando Miami ST.AUGSTINE The Spanish explorer ponce de leon claimed the land but failed due to Indian attacks. Tampa Thank you Space program! The space program brought more people to FL. It drew people in to get a job and it helped FL grow. 1513 Spanish troops drove the French out of FL. 1565 FL was admitted to he union as a slave state. 1845 St Augustine the U.S abolished slavery. 1865 the treaty of Paris the U.S annexes Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. 1865 Civic duties 1960 If we did not have civic duties we would not have beaches because of taxes. State Constitution 1. If we did not have laws would be people doing bad things. 2. Nature and animals would be harmed. 3. people could do whatever they want. FL worked for its equal rights! 1.Tourism 2.agriculture3.reatale sales4.public services 5.envirment things how FL makes money FL's native tribes 1. Appaleche girls don't were shirts2. Seminole's elderly help with the garden.3. Culesa's men fight and hunt IN THE CIVIL WAR FLORIDA TOOK A SUPER LONG TIME TO REBUILD BY JADYN & COURTNEY!!!!! Disney makes 9,million$ a yearBush Gardens makes 4,million $a year 1.when land prices get high no one can purchase it.2.when land prices get too lowwe run out of land. FL got deseases from Spanish people. FL still has deseases from Spanish people. 1.Pedro Menendress de Aviles came to kill the French.2.Hernando de Soto came to find silverand gold. A lot of Americans were killed as a result of the Spanish American War
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