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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Self Harm & Body Shaming The isolation that they are put through can be dangerous to their mental health most harmers have anxiety which can cause high stress levels Mood swings, changes on sleeping/eating patterns, eating disorders and addictions can occur MYTH: FACTS: WHY: -Harmers are trying to get attention -They're crazy or dangerous -They want to die -Most do not, they hide and keepthey're actions a secretfrom everyone else. -Most have anxiety, depression, or a previous trauma, they use this to cope -they use this tactic to get by day to day and keep going on - To feel in control -To express an emotion they can't put into words -to distract themselves from problems going on in life Red Flags: -Unexplained wounds/scars-Frequent accidents-Covering up-Unexpected complaints-isolation-irritability -Binge drinking-Overdosing-Reckless driving-Unprotected sex Other forms of Harm: The alternatives for harm differs depending on the cause. If due to anger: Alternatives: Playing drums, Exercise, punching cushions, making noise screaming into pillows, and/or using stress relieving techniques. If due to feeling disconnected: To express pain: To calm Yourself: take a hot bath, cuddle with pets, wrap your-self in a warm blanket, massage hands, feet and neck, Paint, write and/or draw & listen to music Call a friend, cold shower, hold a ice cube between the crook of * Self evaluation or constant comparing can lead to negative body image Self conscience emotions such as guilt, shame, or embarrassment impacts how a person behaves *If a person is labeled wrong based on style or actions they are more prone to suppressing that part of them to be more sociably acceptable BODY SHAMING: *This stems from an internalized feeling of self evaluation. This can lead to a person believing they are not good enough and in some cases even not worthy of certin things your arms and legs, chew on something with a strong taste, go online to message boards.
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