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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technolgy in Ancient Egypt In Ancient Egypt there were lots invented like the calendar, their calendar was different. They also made obelisk which looks like a big stone stick with symbols on it but it was important to Egypt. They also us the shaduf. If you think about Egypt you think of sand and gravel but then you hear they have gold, but where do they get the gold from? This is a question that I wondered for along time but now I know. Gold was found between the Nile river and the Red Sea. Gold was also found in the sand and gravel. K The Egyptians use and made many things in their life. One thing Egyptians used were baskets the basket were used for carrying stuff to and from their location. They also used clay for writing and drawing. There were very little animals in Ancient Egypt because of the weather and everything so they made transportation. One thing they used were donkeys and camels and they invented bearers accompanying and they were used in the after life. They also used the litter which the king and royal people used to get around. There were very little weapons but they did mange to invent a bow and arrow, sword and dagger. All of these were made of the fallowing stuff Iron, Gold, stone, wood, string, and bronze. The tools they used were plows to push and pull things, wide nets for fishing, fishing hook, and the shadoof. All of these tools were used to feed and keep everyone alive. If the shadoof wasn't invented then they would go thirsty for and die from not having water
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