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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is Social Media an advantage or a disadvantage for teenagers Advantage VS Disadvantage advantage disadvantage a)Why teenagers like to use social media . They are a kind or a form of communicate; keep in touch and a connection with friends and family across long distances. Plus when they post something and got positive feed, it increases their self-esteem. b) What benefit did social media give to teenage? They produce opportunities for teenager to develop and express their identities. Beside produces opportunities, actually they are beneficial to their development. The social media offer minds to teenager when they are developing and growing (it mean nowadays most knowledge of teenager came from internet rather than school) also help them to find out about the world and teach them how to work with people from walks of life in ways which couldnt always teach in real life. a)Dangerous of use social media Social media is full of traps and dangerous for teenagers who like doing risky stuff and fellow their friends do whatever the doing for example go to night club, taking drugs and alcohols. Beside the people they connecting maybe are the one who are humiliate, bully(Cyber bully) or stalk him or even harm him. b)Effect of using social media When they are using social media they may post some image and video, then they would get some feedback from people. If they get some negative or harmful feedback; it may lower their self-esteem. Also if the images and video could be sent to people that they dont know about and develop negative attention or affect future job prospects. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ??? ME:ADVANTAGE Source:Raising Children Network. Glen Fogarty from lockergnome By Priscilla Chu
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