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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is skiing the most dangerous sport? Cycling Skiing is not the most dangerous sport because other sports like ball sports, summer/water sports, and other winter sports can cause more injuries then skiing. SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES MOST COMMONLY SEEN IN EMERGENCY ROOM FOR HEAD INJURIES 85389 Football 46948 Baseball/Softball 38394 Basketball 34692 Water Sports 28716 Powered Recreational 26606 Vehicles 24184 Soccer 23114 Skateboards/Scooters 18012 Exercise/Health Club 16948 Winter Sports 14466 Horseback Riding Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading 10035 Golf 8145 Hockey 6883 Other Ball Sports 5919 Trampolines 5794 Ice Skating 4608 Roller and Inline Skating 3320 Dangerous Sports ~Cycling is the sport with the most head injuries followed by football. By looking at the graph on the left, winter sports including skiing and snowboarding are ranked the eleventh most dangerous sport. Which is more dangerous, skiing or snowboarding? Snowboarders are 50-70% more likely to pick up injuries, but 33% less likelyto cause deaths. By Addie Sullivan Skiing Compared To Other Sports ~Around 10.8 million US citizens skied during the 2010-11 season, compared to around 18.3 million who played football ad 46.8 million who cycled. When those rates are considered, the risks of sustaining a head injury are similar across all three sports. Safety Equipment used in Skiing ~Helmet~Goggles~Gloves~Boots~Poles~Skis~Bindings Why Skiing Is Healthy ~Skiing is a tremendous calorie burner! It's great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories an hour! 10223 Citations ~ Different Types Of Skiing Alpine Skiing~ Skiers in this type of skiing glide down the hills with the help of strong skis. Alpine skiing is famous in Europe and the United States of America.Backcountry Skiing~ Inhabited rural regions where the land and snow-pack is not monitored is the perfect destination for Backcountry Skiing. Backcountryskiing can be dangerous though. There is avalanche risk and the slopes are very steep.Cross Country Skiing~ Cross Country Skiing is possible only in countries with large snow fields mainly in Northern Europe and Canada. Cross CountrySkiing as a hobby is very enjoyable and relaxing but as a sport is exhausting and burns up a lot of calories.Extreme Skiing~ Extreme Skiing is the most dangerous and most adventurous of all skiing activities. Extreme Skiing is popularly known as speed skiing is the most fastest non-motorized sport on Earth. Ski Jumping~ Ski Jumping is a special type of skiing in which the skier, after skiing down a length of path takes off in a attempt to jump as far as possible. The sport of Ski Jumping has a number of competition events of which the World Cup Ski Jumping is the largest. Left: Ski Jumping, one of the many types of skiing. From Left to Right: Ski Jumping, Cross Country Skiing, AlpineSkiing, BackcountrySkiing, ExtremeSkiing, National SkiAreas Association,Ski Lift. Why Is Skiing Safe? ~High-profile Skiing accidents make the sport seem verydangerous, but the National SkiArea Association figures regardingthe death rate actually quote a .78 per 1 million skier/snowboarder visits.
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