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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Israeli Independence May 14th, 1948 Turning Point: May 1946 President Truman declared his support for the creation of an independent Jewish state. In 1947, after the Presidents declaration, the United Nations recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. Obstacles: The British Mandate of Palestine gave them controls of all Palestinian territory. British opposed the creationof a Jewish state, andthey limited the immigrationof Jews in to Palestine. British wanted to protect relations with the Arabs, and vital political and economic interests in Palestine, causing them to oppose the creation of a Jewish state. The Arabs blocked the United Nations partition. Haj Amin-Muslim Leader of Palestine.Appointed Mufti of Jerusalemby the British in 1921. Most prominent Palestinian leader duringthe British mandate. Leader of Arab Riotsof the 1920's-30's Theodor Herzl- Main man behind modern Zionism and the inspiration for the movement leaders such as Jabotinsky. " Zionism demands a publicalyrecognized and legally securedhomeland in Palestine for the Jewish people. This platform is unchangeable." -Theodor Herzl Circumstances: 1. Arab Riots of 1920's and 30'smade it hard to create a Jewish state.2. British supported Arab riots because they did not want the creation of a Jewish state.3. Zionistic and nationalistic feelingsamong Jews caused them to want the creation of a Jewish state. May 14th, 1948Israel declarestheir independence. In 1947 the UN voted to create an independent Jewish state in Palestine, when the British mandate ended. In 1920 the British Mandate of Palestine started giving Britain control of Palestine. February 14th, 1947 the British dumped the problem of Palestine onto the United Nations. In 1922, Arabs and Zionist Jews wrestled for power under the British. 1917-1920 British attacked the Turks in the Middle East. Palestine transitioned from Ottoman rule to British rule. 1915-1917: sharif Husayn of Mecca, an Arab force, fought against the Ottomans to occupy Palestine and Syria. 1882:The first wave of Jewishimmigration into Palestinebegan. 1876: Sultan Abdul-Hamid II,an Ottoman ruler,began the modernizationof Palestine. Important People: A 21st century 9th gradershould care about Israelbecause their future couldaffect our future. Israelis surrounded by countriesthat support radicalterrorism. As one of our biggest allies we need for them to have a strong presence in the Middle East.We are the future of America, so we should be concernedabout the events that will affect our future. 1921:Haj Amin becameMufti of Jerusalem.This was significant because the Arabsgained a leg up on the Jews. 1904:Theodor Herzldied of pneumonia.This is significantbecause he was thefounder of modernZionism.
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