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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stage 4:Maintaining Social Order Stage 3: Good Interpersonal Relationship Stage 2: Individualism & Exchange Stage 6: Universal Principles Post-Conventional Morality Concrete Understanding of Justice Understanding benefits of doing right Doing good for the sakeof the whole Realizing doing good affects their relationships Doing good in order to keep the peace Pre-Conventional Morality Conventional Morality Stage 5:Social Contract & Individuals Rights Doing good to avoid punishment Reasoning Behind the Development of Laws Laws are based on all of these aspects Step 1: Obedience & Punishment Orientation Reasons We Follow Laws Stages of Morality Stage 1: Obedience & Punishment Orientation Law Reasons They Are Created No one is exempt from the law and it is in place for a valid reason Step 6: Universal Principles Stage 2: Individualism & Exchange Fewer accidents Fewer deaths Stage 4: Maintaining Social Order -Loss of license -Fines -Car impoundment Stage 5: Social Contract & Individual Rights Stages Applied to DUIs Lower insurance Driving privileges Obviously there are madeup laws, like the laws against drug use, but these can be changed by a vote (Quinn 1992 p. 98 ). By not drinking and driving, driver is more trustworthy Keeps society safer as a whole without taking away rights Stage 3: Good Interpersonal Relationships
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