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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Isaac Achan 14/03/2015 Long Term & Short Term Goals (Personal & Learning) Long Term Goal(Learning)-Finish High-school with an outstanding ATAR(Steps towards achieving this goal)Study hard during school hoursStudy hard after school hoursKeep organised and stay focusedRespect criticism of your workHand in quality work and on timeShow dedication to everything you do at school Short Term Goal(Learning)-Hand in all term 1 assignments on time(Steps towards achieving this goal)Concentrate on my workSet out the blueprint on how I will studyMake sure I have spare/extra time outside of school to do this Finish most of the work at schoolTake it slow and focusAsk teachers for advice on my workAsk peers to check my workAlways aim for an A Short Term Goal(Personal)-Get the KFC position(Steps towards achieving this goal)-Be respectful to the manger-Show leadership-Practice the jobs given -Work hard -Attend -Be a great member of the team Long Term Goal(Personal)-Win the FFSA league cup(Steps towards achieving this goal)Practice my shooting Play more of an attacking positionWork together with the team to create a chance wear I can scoreTell the team that I would like to score at least 1 goalTurn up to games Ask experience players for tipsAttend Club eventsPlay in local soccer competitions THE PLP
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