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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Issac Newton . Hannah summons Isaac back to the Woolsthorpe house to become a farmer. . Isaac Newton was born in a bedchamber of a stone farmhouse in a remote country village Christmas 1642 . Fall 1659 Isa . . . . Isaac Newton was born in a bedchamber of a stone farmhouse in a remote village country. His father died before he was born. Hannah Ayscough Isaac's Parents Sorry I could not find his father's name *When Isaac was 3 his mother remarried a wealthy man twice her age of 30 named Barnabas Smith who did not want a stepson, so & left Isaac at the Hannah left Isaac at the Woolsthorpe house. But when Isaacturned 10, during the year 1653, Smith died, so Hannah returned to the Woolsthorpe house with 3 other children & sent Isaac off to school. Created By: Parker Contreras Mother: Father: Book Tittle: Isaac NewtonAuthor: James Gleick Format Provided By: June 1661 Isaac was admitted to Trinity collage. Autumn 1665 Made notes on michanical curves that could not be solved without calculas. October 1666 Determened that time was a flowing thing 1666 Year of the beast Fire took out much of London. 1666 Bearly begining to understand universal gravitation. 1662 Royal society of London formed. Experimental Pholicify October 1667 Became a fellow at Trinity collage. 1669 Created a reflecting telescope that maginifed 40 times greater than all other telescopes Began reserching the bending ofl light 1672 1672 1675 Became profecor at Trinity 1679 Newton and Hooke debated about how a body falls to the center of the Earth. 1687 Haley pubblished Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This included the 3 laws of motion. 1693 Newton's health began failing. 1702 Produced a formula for calculating the moon's motion Became pres. of the Royal Society. 1703 1700 Became the master of coin. This made him rich. 1705 Was knighted March 19, 1727 Sir Isaac Newton dies ;(
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