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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 [Chunking] How to use "Chunking" to understand a complex Math concept [Relative] [Frequency] [Conditional] 1. What is Relative Frequency?Relative Frequency is like histogram uses the same information as a frequency histogram but its comparing the item that its giving.Example- like their table it has both genders are compare between the after schools clubs.Relative frequency is the average of the frequency that would be the most reliable. (first chunk the word "Relative Frequency" then paraphrase your chunks here. (add your chunking of "Conditional" to your chunking of "Relative Frequency") 2. What is Conditional Relative Frequency?- Conditional Relative Frequency is to relate the categories variables Example is preferences after school activities and it shows how much of women and man are in the clubs Conditional relative frequency is a relative table that is a two way table that would show what kind of data that side will create. COMPLETE YOUR CHUNKING BELOW Nounthe rate at which something occursConfused at the def?look for examples of the word frequency AdjectiveZapata's Definition:How something is considered or viewed as it is reference to something else.Ex. My Grade relativeto how much I studied AdjectiveIt is the subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met; made or granted on certain terms.Confused at the def?look for examples of the word conditional The equation 2x 5 = 9 is conditional because it is only true for x = 7. Other values of x do not satisfy the equation
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