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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is College Worth It? Josh Moss Michael Manna Victor Lenart Monika Nemanis Our Sample Population: Colleges/Universities in Michigan This population was picked because as Michiganders, this population is the most relevant. Method of Sampling: Stratified Random The Colleges and Universities into two categories: -Public-PrivateThey were then assigned a number and put into a random number generator to pick six colleges each. Public Private -Ferris State University-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor-Western Michigan University-Lake Superior State University-Michigan State University-Wayne State University -Alma College-Hope College-Madonna University-Lawrence Technological University-Northwood University-Kalamazoo College It is the total in-state cost for four years, including tuition, room and board, books, food, and other expenses Independent Variable - 4-Year Cost -Lawrence Tech University: $45,338x4years=$181,352 -Northwood University: $35,958x4years=$143,832-Hope College: $41,050x4years=$164,200-Alma College: $46,175x4years=$184,700-Madonna University: $25,495x4years=$101,980-Kalamazoo College: $49,740x4years=$198,960 -Lake Superior State: $21,788x4years=$87,152-Wayne State University: $24,460x4years=$97,840-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: $27,075x4years=$108,300-Michigan State University: $25,365x4years=$101,460-Western Michigan University: $22,250x4years=$89,460-Ferris State University: $21,632x4years=$86,528 4-Year Cost Calculations Public Private
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