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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Irish Revolution A Visual History of The British did not surrender their controlover Ireland easily. The United Kingdom had a military presence of 20,000 troopsand was prepared to use them. It wasn'tuntil the Anglo-Irish Treaty that the U.K. reluctantly gave up their power to the Irish. 1919 The People Revolt Ierland Under British Rule To overthrow the government Ireland had towage a revolutionary war against the Britishsecurity forces that were stationed in Ireland.The war lasted 2 years and resulted in 2,000casualties. 1916 1910 Early in the 1800's the parliament of Ireland and Great Britain passed the Act of Union which abolished the Irish legislature and placed Ireland under British controll 1919 1912 The people of Ireland revolted because ofcontinuous oppression and neglect by theirrulers, the United Kingdom. British parliamenthad passed several acts which abolished the Irish legislature and left the Irish people withno say in how they were governed. Also, much of Ireland was in poverty and hungerand disease was becoming a big issue formany irish Farmers. Revolutionary Period Begins Ireland's Revolution took place from 1912- 1921. The revolution consisted of several uprisings, including the Easter rising, and a revolutionary war which ultimately resultedin the creation of the Republic of Ireland. 1917 The people who wanted change in Ireland came from all tracks of life. Most of theRevolution's leaders were educated peoplewho came from wealthy families. Many ofthe Revolution's supporters, however were poorer farmers who believed escape fromBritish rule would better their livelihood. Why Revolt? Government Responce Overthrowing the Government Phases of Revolution 1912-1921 Oppression Home Rule- U.K controls IrelandAct of Union- Abolished Irish legislaturePoverty- Ireland was in poverty under British ruleHunger- Many of Irelands farmers couldn't afford to make food during this timeParliament- Passed unjust and unfair laws The moderate phase occurred from 1912-1919. During this time Irelands attempts to change the government were peaceful. The radical phase ,however lasted from 1919-1921. At this pointIreland gave up on peaceful negociations and turned to violence as a way to change the Government. Oppression vs.Revolution Revolution Easter rising- took action to change the governmentRepublic of Ireland- New government War- Fought for independence from U.K.Constitution- Ireland created a new constitutionTreaty- Ireland became independent
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