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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To start it off it shows young Irish immigrants that have just transferred to the united states working in poor condition in factories and I only say its poor condition because therefore most of the time Irish immigrants took on jobs of people in the united states who did not want to work for less pay. While the Irish immigrants have been working in the factories for a total of 55 hours a week and were only paid 10 cents a hour! And you would think it would be very tough on families after just transferring to the united states, which isn't the cheapest and even just by the time they reach the united states they'll most likely be empty handed and I guess you could say going to the united states to live the American dream has a price to it, and not a very cheap one either. And due to their very low payment that most families made was clearly not good enough to help support them and had to began living in very poor conditions to the point they lived in unsafe environments, dirty surroundings that could make them ill which wouldn't be good if their trying to make money so they just had to pay whatever they could afford which they didn't make enough of so most Irish immigrant families who've settled in the united states that were in these very poor conditions when they weren't able to provide enough money as they needed to help support themselves as you can see why by how much their paid an hour which isn't enough to help support their family so even young children had to work in the factories to help make at least a little money for their family, which is all shown in one simple pictures that tells a lot. And this was from 1800's which were unskilled labor where most Irish Immigrants were usually forced to attend to.
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