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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Iraq By: Hannah Bartels, Anne Clayton Cole, Adelaide Burton 1920: British took over Iraq 1918: Ottoman Empire collapsed and British took over. 1921: Faisal I is king of Iraq 1930: Anglo-Iraq treaty is the beginning of Iraq's independence 1932: Iraq becomes independent and enters the League of Nations Turning Point:Anglo-Iraq treaty starts Iraq's independence. QUOTE Why Should a 21st century9th grader care? Because of the war with Iraq, it isimportant for people to know the background of Iraq and their historywith independence. circumstances Great Britain was a very powerful country during this time, and many European countries were imperializing and expanding. Britain had control over many Middle Eastern countries, which made it more difficult for Iraq to gain independence. Also, the Ottoman Empire had just collapsed, which gave Britain the perfect opportunity to seize control. Obstacles to Independence "Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?" -Mahatma Gandhi This quote expresses the importance of any nation having their own independence. It reflects the need that Iraq felt to be free from Britain. - King Faisal I: king of Iraq when they gained independence - Rashid 'Ali al-Gaylani: allowed to form a new government under King Faisal- Nurial Said: resigned from Prime Minister of Iraw in 1930- George V: king in Britain when Iraq gained independence - Ramsay MacDonald: Prime Minister in Britain - Mustafa Barzani: led a rebellion against the government in Baghdad- Sheikh Mendi Al-Khalissi: Shia leader of revolts in Iraq 1. Because of the abundance of oil in Iraq, many countries wanted to control Iraq for control over their oil2. Independence for Iraq was difficult because their traditionsand culture made it hard for themto install a democratic, independentgovernment Key Players
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