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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 About the Revolution Riot on the Streets of Tehran --> post Basic Info Rich and poor gap was too big Too much control for the Savak Khomeini wanted to return to traditional beliefs WHAT HAPPENED BLACK FRIDAY(SEPTEMBER 8TH, 1978) The Shah got tired of the revolting so he sent out the Savak and killed 500 people, which lead to: The Iranian RevolutionBy: Eric and Luke Dates: 1978-79Important People/Groups: Ayatollah Khomeini (revolution leader), The Shah (unfair leader) and his family, Savak (secret police), Shahpur Bakhtiar (prime minister). "THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE REVOLUTION OF THE IRANIAN PEOPLE"Iranian Revolutionists "THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE REVOLUTION OF THE IRANIAN PEOPLE!"-Iranian Revolutionists <--Khomeini suddenly back in Tehra after 14 years in exile Cool Fact: 3. 1. 2. Black Friday -Ruled by Reza Shah-Rich and poor gap expanding (started 1970's)-Shah distrusted Shocked all of Iran I WANTTRADITIONALBELIEFS BACK! <-- Ayatollah KhomeiniRevolution leaderShia ClerkLived in exile THE SHAHIS GOINGDOWN! TAKE DOWN THERIOTERS! I'M LEAVING IRAN WITH MYFAMILY THE SHAHSTATUES AREGOING DOWN! MY PEOPLE,I AM BACK! (Above)The SavakGovernment'sSecret Police Tehra's (capital of Iran) mainradio station that the peoplestormed WE WON THE REVOLUTION! THE SHAH PUT ME INCHARGE SOYOU MUST LISTEN TO ME <-- Prime Minister Shapur Bakhtiar I RESIGN Khomeini suprisingly returns after 14 yearsin exile --> IMPACT -The Iran flag changed-Strengthened the Iran-USA relationship-Khomeini created an Islamic State-Didn't really impact the world-Women clothing went from western style to full cover-up
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