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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Structure of Government Ali KhameneiSupreme Leader 1 The National Security Council Saeed Jalili The Revolutionary Guard PresidentAli Ahmadinejad Expediency Council The Guardian CouncilMohammad Ali Jafari Role:1. Commander in chief of all military2. Oversees the president and can dismiss him.3. Appoints six main clerics4. Appoints Head of Judiciary who appoints six other council members5. Appoints members of Expediency Council. *Elite force of 120, 000 strong people in position.*Most powerful organization in Iranian governmentHas he supreme leader as the commander. He appoints its top leadership.* Controls Quds Force and Basij Militia --> Quds Force: Elite branch that operates abroad --> Basij Militia: Nationwide paramilitary that has repressed demonstration * The council of six lyrics, who have the most influence in religion, and six jurists, who are largely functionary.Role:1. Controls the election2. Determines who can run as the candidate3. Has the power to lock all laws enacted by Parliament.4. Approves candidates, reviews legislation from the Parliament. -->Parliamen has no supervisory power over supreme leader. It is overruled by Guardian Council. Elected for four-year terms, maximum two consecutive terms.Head of the Executive and ensures constitution is followed.Appoints Loyalists, allies and important ministers,including those responsible for election, media, and internal security.(Thus, the president has control over media, election, and security)Acts as chairman of National Security. Foreign Policy advisory bodyAdvises the supreme leader on nuclear policy. Resolves disputes between Guardian Council and Parliament,as well as matters referred to it by the supreme leader. 6 2 3 4 5 * What makes the Iranian government Unique?--> As a result of the Revolution in 1979 the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first of such forms present back then.* What makes the Iranian government Islamic?--> Supreme leader, Guardian Council, Islamic courts, and Basij and Revolutionary Guards* What features make the government democracy?--> They have regular presidential elections, more than one party/ candidate, parliament, and civil and criminal courts.
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