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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ionic Compound's Name to Formula and Formula to Name Processes Name To Formula Formula to Name In order to change a name to a formula first off the first element in the compound starts in the front of the formula for example It would be the "Ca" or "calcium" in "CaF." The second element would be after the first element in the formula and has the -ide suffix at the end of the name. The next part is finding the subscripts for the elements if there are any. The number on the subscript depends on how many of the same element are needed in order for it to equal out with the other element . For example in magnesium nitride, magnesium is a cation and has a 2 charge while nitrogen is anion and has a 3- charge. This means that magnesium is needed 3 times and nitrogen is needed 2 times in order for the electrons to equal out evenly. This means the formula would equal MgN. If a element has a roman numeral with it such as "uranium (VI)" that means that the roman numeral in whatever it is in number form is the cation. This means that "uranium (VI)" would have a 6 charge. Changing a formula to the name form of an ionic compound is farly simple. The first element of the formula is written out. For example the first element in "AlS" is written out as aluminum. The second word is the same word but "-ide" is added to it replacing some of the letters at the end of the name of the element depending on which element. For example in "LiN," Nitrogen is nitride. The whole formula would equal out to lithium "nitride."
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