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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 On Set Production DEDICATION DRIVE FAITH LOVE DISCIPLINE Productio n Movies, Music videos, Photo shoots, TV series, Tours A: Creative Director, create, and customize global marketing campaigns specifically for your consumers.B: Lead Stylist, creative control over all talent wardrobe selections.C: Location Scout, necessary locations for needed film dates.D: Casting Director, the diversity of todays world MrDrakkar withholds the proper eye for raw and undiscovered talent. E: One stop Shop, provide MrDrakkar team with proper product needed for upcoming advertising campaign plus release dates, giving respective time to complete task ensuring proper completion and room for edits if necessary.DeVon Drakkar will be faced model, or depends on product will factor in best for specific needs of each project. Taste of retail at home. A. Personal Shopper* Hire to assist you while shopping for new attire. ** Hire to shop for you while your tied up completing task.*** Hire to seek the perfect gift. In need of time, MrDrakkar has time. B. Wardrobe Restoration (In-house work-order) Create a structured guide for you to follow in order to reach wardrobe goals. Effortlessly graduate client to understanding the strengths in what you already do possess. Simply implementing staple pieces to your everyday equations.C. Closet Upgrades (In-house work-order) Grab and go closet method. Building a proper foundation for the core heart of your home, the closet. Implementing a well thought out closet guide. Ensuring consumers the ability to choose daily wardrobes in a timely manner. A: Models, this includes understanding the strengths of possessing a diverse portfolio. Simply if your portfolio is one-dimensional this is for you. (This package does not include photographer & make up artist / hair stylist budget) B: Actors, this is very important for actors. In the sense of being understood the first time you hand your headshot over to the casting director is key. The ability to promote a strong product in yourself, goes hand and hand with the strength of your headshot. (This package does not include photographer & make up artist / hair stylist budget)C: Musicians, you have everything else and just simply lacking the visual connection to your audience. This package helps to mold your band into a living brand. Branding Your everyday canvases Branding Imagery is everything Please visit site to view artist portfolio. Thank you.DeVon SimmonsMrDrakkarmrdrakkarfashionservices@yahoo.comBlessings,"Simply, a lifestyle. For rebels, who believe in their own two feet."
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