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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Investigation of Marquette Professor John McAdams John McAdams Cheryl Abbate 1st Amendment Controversy at Catholic University Early Nov: TA Cheryl Abbate banned discussion of gay rights in her ethics class claiming that everyone in the class supported gay rights and there is no debate. One conservative student claimed that this was appropriate for the class and as an American, he has the freedom of expression. Abbate said views on anti-gay rights could be offensive to other students in the class.Mid Nov: The conservative student approached Professor McAdams to ask for clarification on Marquette policy regarding the issue. McAdams advised him to drop the class (he did so). Late Nov: McAdams turned to his personal blog to gauge public opinion of the issue. McAdams is conservative, but was more passionate about the student having free expression rather than addressing gay rights as an idea.Mid Dec: McAdams informed by Dean of Marquette that he would be suspended with pay until the investigation of supposed harassment charges is concluded.Questions to Consider:Is it ethical for professors to limit political debate based on their personal opinions?Is it appropriate or acceptable for university professors to use personal blogs not directly affiliated with the university to criticize events of this nature?Does the student have first amendment rights within university classes?
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