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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOUR DRIVER TOUR GUIDE GIVE IT TIME You might find allthe information to sort through a bit overwhelming. Justgive it some time andyou will find that itwill all become verymanageable. tips KEEP IT SIMPLE Your invention doesn'thave to be complicated.Sometimes simple isjust as effective as complicated. Look forexamples of inventionsthat use simple objectsin a new, unique way. MEET A NEED Your invention needsto meet a need that is not currently beingmet by someone else's invention. In other words, youneed to be creativeand imagine all of thepossibilities that haven'tbeen explored! You can work onan invention allon your own orwith a one partner. You will be judgedat the Invention Convention on your invention's 1) creativity2) the log book you keep3) a display board You will have setbacksalong the way. Theywill make you and yourproject stronger. Learnfrom them and don'tgive up! Everythingaround you was inventedby someone. They justfocused their thinking until their idea becamea reality. HAVE FUN! Make an entryeach time you workon your invention.Briefly descrive whatyou did. Includethe date and amountof time you spentworking on your project. ASK QUESTIONS The ELP teacher isavailable for questions.Please feel free toask. We want thisto be a successfulexperience for you. You will find TONS of informationabout project ideas, how to designan effective log book and displayboard, and the scoring rubrics thejudges will use at: 9 GROUP SIZE JUDGING LOG BOOK SETBACKS=LEARNING IMPORTANT INFORMATION ? 1st Place you! 4 1st Place
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