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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reflection Through the Global Childcare Perspective assignment in ECEP 104 Introduction to Early Childhood Education course, I was better able to appreciate the differences in childcare allover the world. I gained a deeper understanding of how values, culture, religion, and economyaffect the childcare system in different parts of the world such as in Israel, Jamaica, Hong Kong,and Mexico. In terms of my future career as an Early Childhood Educator, this course inspiredme to become an advocate for better childcare not only in Ontario but also in the global community. The most valuable aspect of this course was the lecture on the history of childcare in Ontario.It was helpful in my understanding of the foundation of our childcare system. It was also great tolearn about the advocates that made their mark in the history of childcare. For example, asdiscussed in Prof. Parikh's class, the Day Nursery and the Day Care Parents Association protestedagainst the end of funding for child care after World War II. Learning about this made me realizemy responsibility as a future Registered Early Childhood Educator to advocate for better childcare. The most challenging aspect of this course was the Global Perspectives assignment simplybecause searching for concrete information for our presentation on childcare in Israel was limitedto a few websites and outdated articles. In addition, some of the official websites which containedimportant information on childcare in Israel were in Hebrew. One valuable resource we used was an online translator to aid us in understanding the official documents which were in Hebrew. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. ECEP 104 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
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