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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 John Smith Average European Citizen Speaks of the Life-Changing Reformation WITH INTERVIEW Does the Counter-Reformation have anything to do with your current position as a Catholic? Yes, it does. Although I have been a loyal Catholic my entire, I do feel like I would have converted to a Protestant branch if the Church hadn't begun to right their corrupt ways. Are you interested at all in moving to the New World? Heavens, no! As much as I admire the Puritans for leaving their lives behind in search of religious freedom, I am perfectly content in Europe, and have no wish to leave my family behind. What do you think will happen next because of the Reformation? There's bound to be fighting, that's for sure. With so many different opinions, it feels like there'll be an everybody versus everybody bloodbath sooner or later. However, I do feel like some good could come out of it. Maybe once the fighting's died down, people could settle and believe in what they want without being forced to change. Anyways, I'm looking up, and praying for a better future. What is your current religion and why? Currently, I am a Catholic. However, I may be considering converting to a Protestant branch. What is your opinion on the Protestant branches? Well, all three branches seem to follow the same idea: that the Church should NOT be the highest authority on religious matters. However, I feel like they differ in exactly HOW they think religion should be run, and what is necessary to reach salvation. How did the Reformation impact your life as an average citizen? Confusion. That's the one word that describes it all. My entire life had revolved around Catholicism and being faithful to the Church, and then suddenly I find out that half of the things the Church said weren't even true. It was as if my world was flipped upside-down. I wasn't sure who, or what, to believe in. - Countries throughout Europe today are still divided by the boundaries of the Peace of Westphalia-> Still follow different religions- The Americas are divided into different religions because of they were colonized by different European countries- France: Catholic -> Canada (colonized by France) today is still mostly Catholic - Spain: Catholic -> Mexico and South America (colonized by Spain) are still mostly Catholic Reformation Impact - Religious divisions led to conflict throughout Europe-> Catholics v.s Protestants v.s Protestants- 16th-17th century: Lots of wars, persecutions, and massacres- Thirty-Years War: Political and religious war for power, ended in Peace of Westphalia-> Set boundaries between Catholic and Protestant societies- Nationalism: People identified more with their country because of common religion Known World New World Today - Protestant rulers gained power (control political and religious matters) -> Rulers get power from God: Absolute Monarchy- Persecuted groups like the Puritans sought religious freedom-> Moved to New World to be free of monarchy (this is why people in North American colonies were Protestant)- Missionaries from religious groups like the Jesuits began moving into Asia to spread their religion
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