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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Common Dreams and Their Meanings 1. Being Chased You are facing some sort of challenge in your life. 2. House on Fire/Flooded tap and hold to change this header text! There will be a major transformation happening within yourself. 3.Drowning You may be overwhelmed about a situation happening in your life. tap and hold to changethis text! 4. Partner Cheating You are losing self-esteem in your own attractiveness. 5. Terrorist Attacks You are involved with a demanding group of people and you are under lots of pressure. 6. Pregnancy You are waiting to complete a task or plan in your life. 7. Being Late/Not Showing Up to an Important Event You feel as though you are losing a special opportunity in your life. Here are the Facts: -Our ancestors visited dream interpreters as often as we visit doctors. Dreams and their meanings were of much value to them. -By the time we are 75, we have slept for an average of 25 years; 10 of those years were used for dreaming. -The best position for sleep, and for the best rest, is on the right-hand side of the bed. -Taking medication or being ill suppresses your ability to dream. -Reoccurring dreams reveal aspects of your personality that are not quite "figured out" yet. e-3246257/The-seven-common-dreams- REALLY-mean.html eting-dreams.html aralysis-dream-end-your.html The Illustrated Dream Dictionary by, Russell Grant Sources:
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