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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR PEERS WHO GOT FANCY INTERNSHIPS AND 1 HAIL MARY PASS IF ALL ELSE FAILS 1 Skilled volunteering Startup experience Personal projects Student competitions The choices are endless and the responsibilities can cause envy even to the interns at highly sought-after programmes. The trick is to tell the career-relevant opportunities from those less so. picks out projects that match your chosen skills 2 If you choose (or have no choice but to) go small, the roles available at innovative and exciting startups often are meatier than those at their counterparts engaged in traditional trade. Think, and such 3 Proactive approach Even if there aren't any advertised job openings, select a small-ish company you've always admired and write a killer cover letter. Straight from your heart to theirs. Something just might open up! 4 Remember this event that you always thought would be useful at your local community? Or this service nobody seems to offer? This is your chance to put your time to good use and show off your initiative and organisational skills in an unparalleled way. Browse funding available for community pilot projects 5 Either independent or organised by corporates themselves, student competitions pack lot of teamwork and solid achievements in the end. Also a good chance to work on a project outside of a classroom! Try or 6 Student conferences Similar to student competitions, but usually last for a few days, include debates, seminars, workshops and people from dozens of countries (helps with the international aspect of job applications). And check out summer schools too while you're at it. 7 Student union Sometimes you don't need to look any further than your university's student union. There are always events to be organised, sponsors to be found, students to be helped (hello, customer service?), not to mention the good old social media and campus ambassador roles. 8 Think languages, coding, design, writing, public speaking... Extra classes may not show the pesky soft skills, but technical ones are the next best thing. Bonus - if chosen well, they can show your passion and dedication to your chosen career field. Classes Hail Mary pass Even the seemingly unskilled summer jobs - waitressing, assisting on the sales floor, basic administrative tasks and such - require certain transferable skills. You just have to look at it from the right angle. Are you a waiter, or are you a waiter in a team of 4, attending over 20 people an hour and getting praise from the manager? Don't let a single piece of work experience go to waste! *And tweet @SkillbrightUK if you need help with that. 8
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