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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Katka and internship in Germany Who am I? Czech girl, 27 years old. Master degree in teaching English and French. Year volunteering in Zagreb Croatia, through EVS programme, in an NGO Syncro Synergy Croatia. What am I good at? What are my competences? Why do I want to do an internship? What am I interested in? Interculturality I am interested in organisations who work in international context. I am very fond of this environment, I have spend parts of my life in differentcountries, studying, working and travelling and it has always brought a lot of new insights on myself. Non-formal education I see non-formal education as a very powerful tool.I appreciate workshops, seminars and trainings, for their interactivity and creativity. Learning from the experts We have recently founded an NGO and I believe that an internship in organisation with years of experience would be a very valuable and influential experience for me. People I enjoy all kinds of social encounters, I love to be around people, personally and workwise. Experience I have many years of experience in formal and non-formal education, both on local and international level. Project management I have been involved in various local and international projects, trainings and youth exchanges. I know the process from writting the project through its realisation till the final report. Coaching I went through a coaching training,as a participant as well as a team member.Coaching teaches me to speak less, listen more and to ask questions in order to create space for people´s own solutions. Entrepreneurship I enjoy creating new things and taking responsibility for them, I brough to life an art festival for young people in Croatia and recently founded an NGO in the Czech Republic. I strongly believe in human potential and I am dedicated to create opportunities for people to grow andachieve their goals in life.I find work with people fascinating and I believe that a lot can be influenced by giving attention to individuals´ personal development. Motivation I am passionate about what I am doing which gives me a lot of motivation and energy that I love to share with others. Languages I am fluent in English, mostly fluentin French, I can use simple Spanishand Croatian.I enjoy learning foreign languages, they are a key into foreign cultures for me. I don´t speak German. Yet! I am a fast and motivated student. How can this internship be realised? Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs What is it?A programme of European Comission supporting people who want to start something on their own. Why could it be interesting for you?You get a motivated intern that is financed by a grant and you don´t need to invest your own finances. How?You need to go through a simple registration procedure,I need to create a bussiness plan. When and for how long?6 months, starting in around March 2014.(depending on our agreement) I will be more than happy to discuss everything with you via e-mail or skype! Katerina Martinkova, Personal development
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