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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Understanding the Internet's a vocabulary thing The client-server model is animportant part of the Internet.In this 2-part model, there is the "client," which is the face of the program--the part that the user sees and interacts with-- and the "server," whichis a different machinethat sends out requestsand receives informationback for the client. It's likethe middle-man betweenyour computer and the rest ofthe Internet. The Internet is a bunchof computers that areconnected to each otherelectronically. Smallgroups of computers,(called networks)are connected toeach other to form evenlarger networks that all connect togetherto form the Internet. What is abrowser? What is aserver? Once you know the vocabulary, it's easier to understand how everything works. The Internethas rules and a language all to itself. These rules are called protocols. Protocols are the standardsthat the world has agreed to follow so that the computers that are connected to the Internet willcommunicate with each other. What isthe cloud? The cloud is a network of servers that havedifferent functions.A lot of people use "the cloud"to store their information. This simply means thatyou are storing your informationon a company's giant computers. What is a platform? A platform is the type of operating system that theindividual computer uses. There are three main platforms:Microsoft WindowsMacintosh OSandLinux.Each of these platforms uses its own uniqueprogramming language, so one platform's programsmay not work on anotherplatform's machine.An example of this is that Microsoft Word will notwork on a Macintosh machine. A browser is the softwarethat a computer uses tonavigate the Internet. It is the interface that you use to find and look at websites. Common browsers are:Internet ExplorerChromeandFirefox. What is asearch engine? A search engine is a computer programthat searches databases and Internetsites for the terms that you tell it to.For example, Google is a search engine. If you conduct a Google search for "zebras,"you are asking Google to search the Internetfor all of the documents and images about zebras that people have put on a website. What isthe Internet? How does it work? Examples of some protocols are:TCP/IP is the protocol (or standard) for how information is carried on the Internet.FTP is the protocol (or standard) for how information is transferred or downloaded on the Internet.HTTP is the protocol (or language standard) for text on the Internet.
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