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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Light Red = Soft/outsider $360.8 kDark Red = Pac's $15.6 million Light Blue = Individuals $4.2 millionDark Blue = Lobbyists $92.1 Million ENERGY INTEREST GROUPS:WHY AND HOW THEY SPEND THEIR MONEY Electric and Oil Interest groups are just two types of groups that relay on energy for money.However, their money is spent differently depending on the plans the government comes out with to fix energy costs. Oil & Gas Interest group spending 2014 Electric Utilities Interest Groups spending 2014 Payment by government Party Oil & Gas Payment by Government Party - Electric Utilities Republican-Red = $12.3 MillionDemocrat-Blue = $7.5 Million Republican-Red = $32 MillionDemocrat-Blue = $4.9 Million Reasons for spending Electric Utilities Since the 1990's, the Electric companies have been battling with congress at the point of energy deregulation. Energy deregulation is basically making it so that one company cannot have a monopoly on the same region. The people that support this policy also want to make it so that "parent" electric companies cannot raise rates by making high fees for services from their affiliates. Hence, the electricity groups tend to support Republican candidates because of their support of policies like this. Oil & Gas Oil & Gas companies such as Exxon Mobile or the Koch brothers have shown a key interest in the political theater for years. They usually fare better under the rule of a Democraticpresident, and yet they have supported Republican candidates over the last few decades. This would not make sense to an outsider, but makes perfect sense to the owners.The reasoning for this is that Republicans support things like the creation of the KeystonePipeline, which would bring oil out of Canada into the U.S. This would help the oil companiesto receive oil, but President Obama only will allow it if its carbon footprint is insignificant.However, Republicans show a great support for this project which explains the oil companiessupport for them. Light Red = Soft/outsider $13.8 MillionDark Red = PACs $15.9 MillionLight Blue = Individuals $20.8 MillionDark Blue = Lobbyists $102.7 Million
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