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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Insurgent by. VERONICA ROTH Keep going towards your goal and soon through hard work, you will succeed. Setting: The Candor Headquarters;Tris planned most of her mission to uncover the truth here.Erudite Headquarters; Tris turns herself in to Jeanine but escapes. Tris then returns to find the information her parents died for and despite almost dieing, discovers the secret. Protagonist Antagonist ~Tris Prior; has to keep ~Jeanine; is the main obstacle working towards finding Tris has to overcome to reachout why Jeanine created her goal of finding the reasonthe simulation and she behind the simulation and hercountines to fight to find parents death. out and soon figures outthe reason Jeanine usedthe simulation. At the beginning, Tris escapes from people trying to kill her and go to the factionless safe houses and Tris suspects their plan. In the middle, Jeanine starts to kill people until the "Divergent" turn themselves in. Tris decides to turn herselfin, thinking she will find out why Jeanine is creating more simulations. At the end, Tris escapes from Erudite, but she returns to complete her mission of findingthe truth behind Jeanine. Jeanine dies in the process of getting the document that holds all the answers. Although Tris isn't the one who gets the document, she finds out what Jeanine was hiding. Climax: In the document, there is a video of a women talking about the "Divergent." However, her last name is Prior. She is related to Tris and this is whather parents died for. Setting is in the future. Character: Theme: Objective Summary: Tris wanted to find out why Jeanine created the simulation and why herparents really died, but she would have to sacrificeherself so she teams up with an expecting person to find the truth. Plot:
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