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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 5 most dangerous insects By: Emma Key 1 bee = Stay away ! 2 bees = Run !!!!!!3 bees = Seek medical attention 4 bees = Call the funeral planner People usually don't mind a few insects . A bee here, or a wasp there doesn't worry people . But after you look at this you will want to watch out for these insects ! 1 : MosquitoesThese insects live in any kind of place that has a lot of swamps or water , and it helps them survive if its hot or humid .they are the most dangerous insect because they can carry diseases and transmit them when they bite their victims . 2: Driver ants Driver ants live in Africa . They feed on animals ,and even humans. They kill them by biting their victim continuously with their mandibles 3: Killer Bees Killer bees originally came from Africa . They are not very dangerous when by themselves , but when as a group they can be deadly . A group by itselfcan consist of 8,000 or more bees . 4: Tse Tse FliesThis Fly is much different then the regular Fruit Fly . This kind of fly feeds on blood of animals and humans . Plus not only does the fly inject deadly diseases into it's victims blood stream , They also inject a parasiteas well . 5: Giant Japanese Hornet These are not like your regular hornets . Obviously they live in Japan . And instead of a regularsting that you put ice on.The stingcan kill a grown man . Where Exactly do these insects live in the world ? Mosquitoes can basically live anywhere that has still water or water and a hot temperature .Some can even live in the tundra in the summer . Driver ants can live in Africa, or south and Central America Tsetse flies live in Africa , but they are spreading around the world Obviously Giant Japanese hornets live on the japan islands ,but also can be found throughout Asia Killer bees originate from Afica , but they have moved on tosouth America and the southern states of the U.S.A
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