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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What frameworks exist to expain racial identity development? What is the connection between Indigenous Education, student identity development, and student academic and life outcomes? What role does identity play in Indigenous Education? What is the connection between identitydevelopment and life outcomes? According to Tatum: Pre-Encounter Encounter Internalization Internalization - Committment Immersion/Emmersion Themes in Indigenous Education: II. Walking in two worlds I. Decolonization and power III. Restoration of Identity IV. Revitilization of Language Conclusion: racial identity development is observable and important. Conclusion: Indigenous identity development is a core purpose of Indigenous education, according to scholars. Conclusion: There is imperfect, but significant, evidence of to the connections between culturally relevant indigenous education, positive identity development, and improved academic and psychological outcomes Chandler, et al: "First Nations communities that succeed in taking stepsto preserve their heritage culture...are also dramatically more successful in insulating their own children against the risks of suicide." Cerecer: "Cumulatively, racial microaggressions further affect Native American students by cultivating a negative, racially charged campus climate that leads to low self-esteem, self-doubt, and diminished academic motivation and performance." " The goal of revitalizing Indigenous educationis really about 'coming back to our power'. - Dr. Greg Cajete " Overall Conclusions: Major Sources Cultural identity ought not be seen as a secondary concern relative toacademic achievement. Quite the contrary, there is evidence that a focuson cultural identity for Native youth has the potential to have a profoundlypositive impact on their academic achievement, while a narrowed focuson a Eurocentric math and reading curriculum has the potential to heighten identity problems and in turn diminish students long-term success in school and life. Battiste, M. (2000). Cajete, G. A. (2012). Cajete, G. (1994). Cerecer, P. D. (2013). Chandler, et al (2003). Deloria, Jr., V., & Wildcat, D. R. (2001). Lomawaima, K. T., & McCarty, T. L. (2006). Pewewardy, C. (2005). Pewewardy, C., & Hammer, P. C. (2003).Seaton, E. K., Sellers, R. M., & Scottham, K. M. (2006). Smith, G. H. (2003, October). Tatum, B. D. (1997). The Education Trust. (2013).U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. (March 2014).
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