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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Students made real world connections Purpose: Use multiple texts to increase readingcomprehension, thematic understanding, and make real-world connections. Texts ensure meeting CCSS and increase college and career readiness. Findings: Student comprehension of complex themes and literary devices improved. Student engagement and understanding increases with this approach Methods: Sequencemultiple texts, journal, Socratic themed seminars, group work and final essays to assess learning. Group work and final essaystie texts together to deepen understanding and prepare students for college Examine Lexiles: Measuring Text Complexity Evaluate student learning and reading comprehension Sequencing texts should include discussion with peers and the teacher Students understood theme, genre, and literary techniques How do we measure text complexity?Quantitatively and Qualitativey Reading Comprehension Strategies the many the many of avenues Use short stories, newspapers, and multimodal mentor texts to assist meeting standards and increase literacy and engagement. To current events and their own lives Students think critically about the text in relation to their own world Sequence thematically similar texts. The Watchmen with Fight Club, 1984 with presidential speeches, and The Things They Carried with Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Journal about the texts that were sequenced, They serve to tie texts together and deepen understanding They exhibited this in journal entries and essays The texts are used to understand repeated concepts, and increase engagement. This helps to understand the relevance of texts in their lives Sequencing texts aids in higher order thinking The students relate thematic concepts to both readings. Gallagher, K. (2004). Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12Glaus, M. (2014). Text Complexity and Young Adult LiteratureSmith, M. W., & Hillocks, Jr. G. (1998). Sensible Sequencing: Developing Knowledge about Literature Text by Text. Does the writing reflect understanding of theme and relation to the text as a whole? Do class discussions reflect deeper comprehension? Sequencing Multiple Texts to Increase Comprehension:Easing the Burden of Text Complexity Future Practice: Sensibly sequencing texts can be a powerful tool in the effort to understand the complexity of texts in real-work contexts. Amalia Lucero, College of Education
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