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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inquiry 2.2 by: Alyssa Sarilarp & Sofia Stefanis EXPLORING HOW A MOTOR WORKS Does it matter how close the magnets are to the armature? Yes, because if it isnt close enough then an electromagnetic force cannot be made. For example, if the magnets were a foot away and were quite weak, then they cant really make that force to be there. Does it matter which poles of the magnets face the armature? Yes, because when the two magnets are repelling fromeach other, that causes the armature to move awayfrom the magnet constantly and then causing the armature to spin around and around. The two brushes on the beginning of the v shapedwire creates the brushes of a motor.If you were toconnect the brushes and the commutator the brusheswould transfer the energy tothe motor. The red wire onthe armature is a coil of wirethat creates an electromagnetic force whichwhen magnets are put against it will repel it whichmakes it spin. If you want tomake the motor spin the otherway then you can switch theclamps with the wire. HOW THE MOTOR WORKS! SYSTEMS WITH MULTIPLE MOTORS:Airplanes Electric GeneratorsTrainDIFFERENT MOTORS:Power Windowsa motor in each windowPower Seatsas many as seven motors in each seatRadio Antennaswhen you turn the radio on and off, a motor makes the antenna rise and allFansor the heater and radiatorSunroofa motor makes it open and close You can attach a piece ofhard paper to the shaft to make a fan.The motor can also servethe purpose of a pulleyYou can attach it to many different things that will help it become a generator. Generators willgenerate electricityand can be especially helpful in an emergency USEFUL WAYS FOR MOTOR EXTRA
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