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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Entrepreneurship,Innovation and Creativity Brainstorming Problem Reframing CrossPollination There is an Entrepreneur, a Manager and a Technician in all of us.They are in constant conflict with each other and do not equally manifest. The key is to try and balance them out as much as possible.Most people fail because they only focus on only one of them. Acute observation is a key skill for gaining valuable knowledge around you.It is the fuel for your imagination. Get out of your routine and look around youin every direction. You'll see things you never saw before that were presentthis whole time. However, it isn't enough to make acute observations. You need to find an effective way to make them stick. Great innovators use focused attention to identifyopportunites and solve problems. Ask the right questions. Reframe the problem. Sometimes just asking "why" instead of "how" will help out a great deal.Don't believe the way you do things is the one right way.Companies need to learn how to continually reframe problems in orderto survive as the market and technology change.Reframing problems allows you to the see the world around you in a brand-new light. Brainstorming helps you get past the first set of ideas pretty quickly and on to those that are much less obvious.There are four main principles to brainstorming: deffering judgement, generating lots of ideas, encouraging unusual ideas and combining ideas. Learn how to brainstorm correctly andinnovation and creativity will follow. Done well, brainstorming allowsyou to tap into your imagination to challenge assumptions and push beyond boundaries to generate unique ideas. The Entrepreneurial Trifecta Being able to connect and combine non obvious ideas and objects isessential for innovation and a key part of the creative-thinking process.Even if the inventions create something unusual or useful, they opendoors to new ideas that might be. Be open-minded and don't be afraidof the unusual or the crazy. THE TRUE PRODUCT OF A BUSINESS IS THE BUSINESS ITSELF "Creativity thinks up new things. Innovation does new things." Theodore Levitt, Harvard School of Business By Skander Zarrouk Observation
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