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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 in 8 teens in the UnitedStates alone have beendiagnosed with socialanxiety, one of many thingsCharlie deals with in his life. Like many of us, Charlie is not close to many people in hisfamily, taking more interest inhis friends, as that is where hefeels at home. Through his letters, Charlieshows us the few things hefinds that he loves to do,which we all hope to findin high school at somepoint. Even if he has quite a few friends,he is closest to a few, which arePatrick and Sam, which is truefor most teens, shy or not. How did these Innovations change the world? Watt's Steam Engine before the Watt's Steam Engine, people used the Savery and Newcomen model. When the Watt's model came out, it wasmore efficient and modified. This model was four times as powerful as the previous models. It was used in coal mining to pump out excess water. This wasthe foundation of the Industrial Revolution as it powered many machines and is still used today. Light Bulb Before Edison's light bulb, there were other models, he was not the first to come up with this idea. He created a safer model that did not rely on high voltage wires. It also lasted longer than the previous model. He decided to create a light source notonly for the outdoors but for your home as well. Thisinvention was a starting point for other electrical inventions like power sockets, and fuses.
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