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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Erikka Innes Album Release 2015 Timeline - Title TBD Mid to late September Release Have new material written by by end of February or beginningof March. (45 minutes to 1 hour.) Determine taping methods for AV -Tape album in May or early June. Research and find venue to tape by April or early May. Rehearse and develop material. Meet bi-weekly or attend a show where Erikka is performing some of the new material. Give feedback. Determine title and themes by May before taping or after taping by July. Photo shoot in June Either Andrea or other photgrapher. Do a merch check to make sure you have plenty of T-shirts and other merch for touring. After determining title and themes, decide if we need new merchandise using them. Decide on tour strategy by April so we can begin booking. Will it be 30 days straight from September through October? Or in waves for a few days at time - bi-montly in 10 cities? Or a mix of both? By end of June. PR - develop press materials. Write new bio, press release. And, PR strategy. Send out to press by mid or late July. unless long lead by late May. Have album artwork done end of June. (Andrea) Mix and master album by end of June. (Paul) Edit video clips(3 clips for promotion. (Andrea and Paul) Manufacture album. Have in hand by end of June or early July. (Andrea) determine album release date Upload digital album. Release video clips on YouTube end of July, Mid August, September DOR.
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