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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inhalants by: Ransom Van Asche Medicinal Value Drugs that are inhalants contain chemicalsthat are harmful to the body such as ammonia, propane, and nitrous oxide.Therefore, they have no medical use. Classification Inhalants are very basic substances with no medicinal value.Because of that reason, they are classified as their own familyof drugs. Typical Use Inhalants are mostly abused by teens as a quick way to get high or get the sensation of being high.They are most commonly sniffed due to the strong scent and the chemicals in the substances. Inhalants are mostly abused by teens because they are a common householdsubstance that is cheap and they don't have to buy it themselves. Forms of Inhalants There are many forms of inhalants. Inhalants are basically justhousehold cleaning supplies. They can also be air freshener anddisinfectant spray such as Lysol. Other forms include cookingoil, markers, insectiside, and paint thinner. Short Term Effects Inhalants directly act on the nervous system.Short term effects of inhalants are slurred speech, inability to coordinate movement, andsevere headaches. They can also effect the mind by causing hallucinations, impaired judgement, and causing unconsciousness. Long Term Effects Prolonged use of inhalants can cause very serioushealth problems. Use over a long period of time canresult in serious and sometimes unfixable damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and brain. Other effects include muscle weakness, bone marrow damage, and hearing loss. Sniffing inhalants can fill your lungs with chemicals which can also causedeath by suffocation. Inhalants Street Slang -Air Blast-Hardware-Medusa-Moon Gas -Oz-Poor man's Pot-Spray-Texas Shoe Shine -Toilet Water-Whiteout Sources cts
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