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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE FOURTH REVOLUTION HyperHistory No ICTs 2011 Individual and social well-beingmostly dependent on ICTs 2nd Millenium AD PreHistory 2,5 millions years ago -> Blombos Caveochre plaque (more than 70,000 years old)engraved with a geometric motif 4th Millenn. BC the invention of writing Emergence of the symbolic mind History 4th Millennium BC Individual and social well-being related to ICTs Invention of writing,printing, and the mass media 2006 Today May 2011 500M activated devices so far World Market Share 58.6%Android 68%Android U.S. Market Share 33%iOS 17% iOS Last Quarter U.S. Sales 34.3% iOS 51.9%Android Where is Android heading? May 2010 The Android framework isn't limited to phones and tablets, and we've already seen it used to power devices such as cars, electronics, and industrial equipment. As more machines enter the android ecosystem, we will quickly see the barriers slip away between mobile and the world around us. How the Infosphere is reshaping human reality Infographic ReviewDesigned by Luca Mori2014 ( Infographic ReviewDesigned by Luca Mori2014 ( Infographic ReviewDesigned by Luca Mori2014 ( Oxford University Press2014 Luciano Floridi Oxford Internet Institute: 2,5 millions years ago HuperconnectivityData superconductivityThird-order technologiesInternet of thingsOnlife Experience the sum total of informationaccumulated by humanity 180 exabytes of data 1,600 exabytes of data
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