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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Daily news Interview Martin Luther Question 1: why did you start the church Answer got excommunicated and had to go into hiding.Question 2: when were you bornAnswer in 1483 in GermanyQuestion 3: what happened after you posted the 95 argument.Answer people liked it,but the Chechen got angry. LurtheranismThis sect was stated by Marin Luther and began in Germany. This was stared because Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and went to hiding so he stared a Church. The beliefs and practices of The Church is that reading the bible is good for life and going to heaven and only true source of religious guidance. They believe power in music and hymns. Calvinism This religion was stared by John Calvin, a humanist and begin in Geneva,Switzerland. This religion was stared because John Calvin took over leadership in the church and tried a better Christian state. The beliefs of Calvinism is the same as Lurtheranism is that the bible is the true religious guidance and need to follow that to be saved. Calvinism had believe predestination is who would be saved and who would be condemned. Anglicanism The religion of Anglicanism was founded by king Henry vII in England and he was the head of the church.This religion was stared because he wanted a divorce for his first wife but the pope refused to let him and he later broke from the Catholic Church for personal reasons.The practices and beliefs of the region were based from the bible and bended elements of Catholicism and Protestantism. They believed that to go to heaven,you have to believe in God and regret their sins.
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