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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infograph Assignment Hamlet Cause Effect Explanation King Hamlet is dead Marriage of Getrude and the new kingwhich is the murderer Ghost of King Hamlet shows himselfto his son revealing his death Hamlet acts insane for a planto take revenge for his father Puts on a play of a reanactmentof King Hamlet's death Hamlet has mistaken Polonius for King Claudius and kills him King Claudius reactsdramitcally to the play Ophelia goes mad and drowns King Claudius and Laertesplan to poison Hamlet Plan fails, they die, Gertrudedies, and Hamlet dies Claudius poisons and kills King Hamlet to become king. But the ghost of Hamlet findshis son and reveals the truth. Young Hamlet then puts on an act of being insane tonot raise any attention to him in suspicion because he plans a play to see how the newking reacts to it which he reacts dramatically to it. Later Hamlet tries to convince hismother that King Hamlet is dead because of Claudius but hears a yell behind a curtainand kills him. The guy he killed was Polonius who was also Ophelia's father. She goesmad and drowns herself. Laertes wants revenge for her death and Claudius wants Hamlet dead so they both make a plan to poison him during a duel but it backfires and failsbecause the dear queen, Gertrude drinks the wine which was poisoned and shedies. After Hamlet has been poisoned, he mistakenly kills Laertes but kills Claudius thenHamlet himself dies because he was poisoned by Laertes.
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