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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! In this generation things change, fast. From the business we once did in the two thousands to now is.. the change is fascinating. What in a start was only aromtic flowers sold locally, spreaded worldwide, for an International business. For example what was a couple of two that sold crepes in the upstairs of their parents house in the 2000 then became one of the greatest franchises in the world. Known as Crepes and waffles.But I didn´t do this infograghic to talk about this, I am here to talk of E .This company sells aromtaic flowers and plants mostly laurel, to cook. The resources they use are basically water, plants, flowers, seeds, laurel, sun, earth or soil, and animals to help harvest or to use their manure.They also use diesel and ACPM to manufacture and operate machines. In terms of environment this company uses 60% renewable resoures and the other 40% nonrenewable.Also they try to use the least chemicals as they can and the less harmfull. About 90% of their products are stored in greenhouses.Like some plants react better to a sort of condition that an other assortment of plant, they put them in different rooms, each one with different temperatures. The plants are put into trucks that are refrigerated and thses take them to the airport, that puts them in airplanes that take them to all diferent places of the world. The n1 shipment place is Florida.The company tries the best for their products to be as natural as they can. They also do biological treatents to all their plants. In some situations they have to use chemicals or products that harm the environment severly. A good amount of their resources they use for plants are natural. They do the best they can to not use too much the natual resources. In all the history in the company ther have been no disasters.The tech thay use is never sofistacatede. They don´t have much machines.The most important technology they use use Internet. They use mail for any information they need of a client or a worker and they also use it to see if everything is fine.And lastly like I said before the tech is simply. E
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