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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ISIS Infographic Project Problems caused by ISIS: Solution to all of the problems created by ISIS: They are spreading fear and terror across an entire region. They have suicide bombers that are sent to get to their destination at any cost and explode. Basically they are wasting human life to show that they can be a threat and they can be dominant. Some suicide bombers have killed many people at different local events. They control over 35,000 square miles of land and are increasing rapidly each day. Most of this land is stolen by force and murder of civilians. They have already started fighting with 5 nations, which proves they are on the attack and will go at anyone weaker than them. The VDC has estimated that ISIS has caused 200,000 casualties in Syria. They have mass executions to show their independence and how big of a threat they are. They have slaves, and they treat them without any care. They break monuments that mean a lot to other civilizations. These monuments and artifacts have lasted for thousands of years and are preserved, but then ISIS destroyed most of the artifacts around their territory. Austin Ehrlich 1. Gather more troops from different allied countries against Isis and create a huge army. 2. Then send some troops in as spy's that keep a close distance to isis leaders or generals so they can track their movement. 3. Send in A few troops to draw most of Isis forces out. 4.From behind millions of troops will flood them from every side and trap them in while fighting them. 5.Most or all of Isis will be dead and the other Isis members will be tracked down and taken to jail for life.
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