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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Tyrants Daughter Laila book written by J.C Carlesoninfo-graphic by Tyler Hoecherl Rating It was an interesting perspective on American Youth Culture and the experiences of a new immigrants in the U.S. However there were very climatic parts throughout the story with no resoultion for them. Life is forever changed for a teenage girl and her family as they are forced to flee from their native country to the U.S. Coming from a very conservative and religious country they find themselves out of place in the U.S. This family is the wife and children of a disposed Tyrant. Will they assimilate to the new society as normal folk or will old habits of royalty die hard? She is the Tyrants Daughter. She is now supposed to be a normal teenage girl. She is intelligent, beautiful, resouceful, and determined. In the new country she struggles to know who she really is. Her mother is working with CIA agents to maybe return home. They are the people that represent the old life she once knew New friends and possible boyfriends come into her life. Exposing her to new things and experiences. They represent the new life she could have. ? ? Conflict: Who will Laila choose to be? Her past life though rough is still very dear to her. This new life poses new opportunities for her that she never has had before. Themes: Identity, adaptation, lying
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